Crystal loves speaking to teenagers and the adults who lead them. She has been communicating in churches, camps, retreats, conferences and leader training events for over a decade. One of her favorite parts of speaking at student events is challenging teenagers not only hear truths but to do something with them. And, when leading adults, Crystal crafts a message that not only explains HOW to lead teenagers but inspires the audience with WHY it matters so much.  From rooms of thousands to a circles of ten, Crystal brings a conversational style and a healthy dose of laughter that keeps the listeners both challenged and engaged. 

For most speaking events, Crystal partners with The Echo Group to ensure the best experience for ministry leaders and event coordinators. To learn more about the Echo Group or check out some fantastic communicators, head over to www.theEchoGroup.com. To book Crystal to speak at your church or event, simply click the link below. 

Previous and Upcoming Speaking Dates


Unveiled Conference

March 15-16

ORANGE Conference

May 1-3

BigStuf Camp
Leader Training

June 24-27

High School Camp

July 8-12

Revolution Church Leader Training

August 20

Orange Tour

Fall 2019

National Youth Worker’s Convention

November 22-24


High School Camp

July 9-13 

Lifeway’s Collegiate Week 

August 6-9

Orange Tour Atlanta, GA

September 6-8

Orange Tour Lancaster, PA

September 24-25

Orange Tour Boston, MA

October 4-5

Orange Tour Indianapolis, IN

October 10-12

Orange Tour Pittsburgh, PA

October 25-26

Orange Tour Milledgeville, GA

November 5-6

National Youth Worker’s Convention

November 14-19