College is Hard. This Can Help.

Starting Now: a 30 day guide to becoming who you want to be in college will launch on June 1 on Amazon and in the Orange Store. Early copies will be available at Orange Conference 2019.

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from the authors of STARTING NOW: a 30 day guide to becoming who you


FREE audio podcast:

From the ParentCue podcast, listen as Ben Nunes joins the team to talk about parenting a college bound teenager from a dad’s perspective.

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18 Plus is a guide to help you parent in this new unfamiliar phase. You will discover how your emerging adult is changing, how their world is changing, and what they still need from you (besides more money.)

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Before You Go book

What do students need BEFORE they go to college? Check out Gerald’s book that walks a senior through everything they need to know before they go. If you’re curious what’s inside, check out my book review here.

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High school is over. College hasn’t started yet. So what do we do NOW to help seniors make the most of SENIOR SUMMER?


Free audio podcast:

From the reThinking Youth Ministry podcast, listen as Kara Powell joins ministry leaders for a conversation about equipping and walking with students long after their high school graduation.

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Notes from Oc19 Breakout:

At Orange Conference 2019 we got to meet hundreds of new friends who are interested in creating a one-year plan to bridge the gap from Christmas of senior year to their first Christmas in college. For slides from that breakout…

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FREE reminders for college mentors.

What if every student who graduated your ministry had five (or more) adults to encourage them and challenge them during the first semester? Check out to get started.


FREE audio podcast:

From the reThinking Youth Ministry Podcast, Gerald Fadayomi, Marquise Cox, Crystal Chiang, and Sarah Anderson for a conversation on what youth workers can do to help second-semester seniors win.

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How do you make the most out of this meaningful event without leaving seniors feeling like they’re all alone? Our friends at Orange and Fuller Youth Institute partnered to create the answer.